Med City Cup

Med City Cup Tournament Information

2020 DATES: April 4-5, April 18-19

Arrival Time: Ensure you are at your assigned location 30-40 minutes prior to your first match.

Match Format: All matches will be the best 2 of 3 rally score sets. The first two sets will be 25 points, no cap win by two. The third set, if required, will be a set to 15, no cap win by two points. Teams will switch courts in the third set when one team has scored 8 points. First match of the day starts on the hour, all other matches will be played in order. Teams are to be ready to play when their match is sequentially ready to be played.

Payment: $32 per match. If you do not work as scheduled (more or less matches!) please email/call Robyn immediately after the event so we can ensure payments are made correctly to all officials.

Break Room: A break room at each venue is stocked water, fruit, rolls, treats, snacks and lunch food for Officials, Coaches and RYVA Staff at no cost. Enjoy!

Game Ball: Measure at least 2 balls from the cart for game balls prior to the start of the match. The game ball for 15s-18s is the Molten Super Touch.

Flags: Provided by the facility

Warm-up: 10 min. warm up the 2-4-4 format will be used for ALL matches. The first two minutes will be for ball handling, followed by 4 minutes on the court for the serving team and then 4 minutes for the receiving team.

12U: Will have service line inside the court available for those players that wish to use it.

6 Players: Teams not having six players when called to the end line at the beginning of a match will forfeit the first set. The team will forfeit the match if they do not have six players within ten minutes after forfeiting the first set.

Protests: Only rule interpretations can be protested, not judgment calls made by the officials. A protest must be filed at the time of the infraction and settled before the set continues. A protest will be resolved by a committee of the First Referee, Head Official, and the Site Director. The committee will vote to deny or uphold the protest. Their decision is final.

Ref Teams: Each team will provide two line judges, a scorekeeper, a scoreboard operator, a libero tracker and a 2nd (Down) referee. Teams must be on time for their refereeing responsibilities as if they were playing. The 2nd referee can be a coach or a player with the team coach assisting from the scorer’s table or standing near the player referee.

Playing Locations & Procedures

Rochester National Volleyball Center (NVC)

Courts 1-11

2601 Viola Rd NE, Rochester, MN 55906

Century High School (CENT)

Courts 12-14

2525 Viola Rd NE, Rochester, MN 55906

University Center Rochester (UCR/RCTC)

Regional Sports Center

Courts 15-20

851 30th Ave SE, Rochester MN 55906

Hotel Accommodations

Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field

401 6th St SW, Rochester, MN 55902

Direct: 507-292-7337 |


Officials' assignments are sent via email. Please confirm with a reply after reviewing your schedule.

Deb is the primary assignor for Rochester events, please contact her first for any questions/issues.

If your schedule changes while onsite, please contact Robyn with your updated match count by the next morning.