Molten Series

Molten Series Information

2021 Molten Series Dates : January 23-24, February 27-28, March 13-14, April 17-18, May 22-23, 2021

Arrival Time: Ensure you are at your assigned location 30 minutes prior to your first match. Concessions are not likely going to be available at any of the event venues. Officials will be allowed to bring in personal coolers/lunch boxes. Most facilities will not have running water fountains, some may have bottle fillers operable. Please come prepared and bring enough pre-filled water bottles with you.

Match Format:

  • All matches are best 2 of 3 sets. The 3rd set is only played if the teams split the first two sets.

  • Each bracket will have a mix of age groups, since they are matched-up by strength, not age.


  • $27 per match

  • If you do not work as scheduled (more or less matches!) please email/call Robyn immediately after the event so we can ensure payments are made correctly to all officials.

  • Forfeited matches that are the official's last match of their assigned day AND do not require the official to perform the forfeit procedure are not included in final match counts for payment.

Rule Set & Modifications:

  • JVA Modification: Teams may change libero(s) EVERY set, even if 2 are selected at the start of the match

  • Molten Series Modification: Know the age group for BOTH playing teams; follow the 5 seconds and allow a re-toss for U12-14s, ONLY when they are playing another U12-14s team. If EITHER team is U15-18, the re-toss rule will NOT apply and both teams will have 8 seconds to serve.

Coin Toss: One coach from each team and the R1 will conduct a coin toss in a socially distanced manner. The team listed 1st on the schedule will take the bench to the right of the R1, so the winner of the coin toss will choose serve or receive. If a 3rd set is necessary, the floor captains will meet with the R1 at center court for a coin toss, the winner will choose serve or receive. Teams will NOT switch sides during the match.

Warm-up: An 10 minute warm-up, using a 2-4-4 format will be used for the 1st match of each wave. The first 4 minutes on the court for the serving team and then 4 minutes for the receiving team. There will NOT be a formal warm-up for the 2nd OR 3rd matches of the wave. Teams will simply switch courts and begin the next match in pool play.

There will be a 20 minute break between the 2nd & 3rd match in the wave, then the teams have the opportunity to warm-up (2-4-4) for the 3rd match if they wish to do so, on their own. NOTE: The 20 minute break may be reduced to 10 minutes if the court is running behind causing the 3rd match would start later than scheduled.

Officiating Crew:

  • Only R1s will be used. No R2s, LJs or forma scorers.

  • Teams will monitor their own rotations as best they can and use the honor system.

  • MNS: R1 will update the scoreboard using the control attached to the ref stand. Ask the site director how they want set & match scores recorded for the teams. They will likely provide you with a clipboard and simple scoresheet to fill out after each set.

  • MVW: Scoreboard will be controlled by a team representative in the mezzanine and they will keep a simple scoresheet.

  • M1: Team representatives will update the scoreboard and keep a simple scoresheet.

Please be sure to review all information as each site has their own rules, entry times and officiating guidelines.

MN Select:

Midwest Volleyball Warehouse: > Click the blue box that says "MVW Rules for Molten Series"

M1: Officials will have a temperature check at the door. Exit through the M1 Weight Room/Court 5 area doors ONLY. Restrooms: A maximum of 2 persons at a time may be in the restrooms. (At all times)

COVID-19 Information:

  • Officials accepting assignments should be flexible and understanding of changes due to unforeseen circumstances caused by the pandemic.

  • An inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death.

  • By participating in a Molten Series event, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

  • Adhere to current CDC & MDH guidelines regarding face coverings. Officials must wear a properly fitted mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times and use a hand-held whistle. If a malfunction occurs with a hand-held whistle, a regular whistle may be used as long as it is completely covered underneath a mask to reduce the potential of droplets.

  • Masks shall be worn at all times and in all areas of the building by everyone (players, coaches, referees, management, everyone). Masks worn by officials must completely cover their mouth & nose at ALL times, no exceptions.

  • Officials are not expected to monitor the physical distancing of others. Each person is responsible to provide space between themselves and others. Coaches should provide direction to their athletes regarding social distancing and other safety protocols. If there is an issue of concern with either social distancing or mask wearing compliance, bring it to the attention of the court monitors/site director.

  • Social distancing must be adhered to wherever possible.

  • Frequent use of hand sanitizer is asked of everyone present.

Molten Series Policies & Procedures

Officials Uniforms

Team Schedules and Results

Playing Locations & Parking Instructions

Midwest VB Warehouse (MVW)

14050 Judicial Rd, Burnsville, MN 55337

Facility & Parking Information

When entering, please be sure to identify yourself as an official to those taking admission. There is a room marked and available for officials in the playing facility area. Please keep it tidy during the day and clean-up at the end of play. No outside food or beverage (even coffee) is allowed at this site.

MN Select Volleyball Center (MNS)

8686 Valley Forge Ln, Maple Grove, MN 55369

Facility & Parking Information

When entering, there will be a door/room immediately to the left for coaches and officials. It is shared space, so please be tidy and allow space for everyone.

M1 Volleyball (M1)

1701 W 94th St, #300, Bloomington, MN 55431

When entering, immediately turn to the left and walk through the lobby area filled with tables and chairs. At the end you’ll see a door with “M1 Coaches/Staff Only on it. This is the shared space for officials and coaches to leave their jackets/boots/etc. during the day.


Officials that apply to work this event can check the status of assignment by referring to your individual schedule link that takes you to your personalized Google Sheet. If you need the link to your personalized sheet again, please contact Debbie.

Daily court assignments are sent via email. Please confirm with a reply indicating you are "Good to Go" after reviewing your schedule.

Brad is the primary assignor for the Molten Series, please contact him first for any questions/issues.

If your schedule changes while onsite, please contact Robyn with your updated match count by the next morning.