North Country Region

North Country Region Event Information

2021 Dates: Feb 6-7, Apr 24-25, May 15-16

Arrival Time: Teams/Spectators/Officials may enter the building 15 minutes prior to your match start time. Be sure you are at the site in time to enter as soon as allowed and check in with the site director upon arrival. Bring into the building only the items you will carry to your court as there will not be a secured room for officials.

Coin Toss: None. For ALL matches, the "Visiting Team" is the team listed 2nd and will serve first in Sets 1 & 3. The "Home Team" listed 1st will serve first in Set 2.

Warm-ups: The first team listed on the schedule is the "Home Team" and will have the first 5 minutes to warm-up. The second team listed is the "Visiting Team" and will have the last 5 minutes to warm-up. If teams wish to have a pepper line while the other team is at the net, allow them to use the time as they need to be ready to play.

Rule Set: USA Volleyball. However, not all teams will have numbered jerseys nor will their libero be in a contrasting color. Subs are not formally tracked, but teams should adhere to the spirit of the sub rule.


  • $25 per match (Standard format is 4 matches per night. 2 Sessions of 2 matches each. Depends on team registrations which close when full OR the Thursday prior to the new week. Please be patient and flexible as we try to communicate schedules out as soon as we can).

  • ALL officials must be current USA Volleyball members. A $15 Fall Membership is available through NCR if you are not already a USAV member. This fall membership can be upgraded if you wish to extend your membership into the regular juniors season that typically starts January 1.

  • ALL officials will need to fill out an independent contractor agreement with MVOA and submit a W-9 (if not already on file). See our Independent Contractors page for required paperwork and certification details.

  • In order to accept an assignment for this Fall League, you will be required to review the League's COVID-19 plan.

Match Format:

  • Up to 2 sessions on each court. 1 session consists of 2 matches.

  • Session 1

      • 4:45pm - Teams may enter the building

      • 4:50pm - Home team warm-up

      • 4:55pm - Visiting team warm-up

      • 5:00-5:55pm - Match 1

      • 6:00-6:55pm - Match 2

  • There are 15 minutes between sessions to move the Session 1 teams out and the Session 2 teams in.

  • Session 2

      • 7:15pm - New Teams may enter the building

      • 7:20pm - Home team warm-up

      • 7:25pm - Visiting team warm-up

      • 7:30-8:25pm - Match 3

      • 8:30-9:25pm - Match 4

  • The first match in a session will not start earlier than the scheduled start time. The 2nd match in a session will start 5 minutes after the completion of the first matches on the paired courts. There are no timed warm-ups before the 2nd match of each session.

  • Each match is best 2 out of 3 sets. The first two sets will be played to 25 points, win by two points with no cap. The third set of a match will be to 15 points, win by two points with no cap.


  • If the match is decided in two sets, start a non-deciding third set and play until the 55 minute mark. This may only be enough time to play to 10 points or it may be enough time to play to 40 points. We're there to give the players as much time as possible to be on the court and play.

  • Each match will has a 55 minute time limit and will end at the time indicated above. The team ahead at the end time is the winner of the set in progress.

  • Officiating team will consist of one R1 per match. No R2, no LJs, no scorers. The R1 will keep score on a portable flip score from the ref stand and record/submit match scores to the site director at the end of the night. A printable scorecard has been included below..

Official's Uniform: USA Volleyball - see our General Uniform Guildelines.

Scorecard: Please print a scorecard and bring with you to record scores and hand to the Site Director at the end of the night.

Additional COVID-19 Information:

  • Officials accepting assignments should be flexible and understanding of changes due to unforeseen circumstances caused by the pandemic.

  • By participating in the NCR Fall League, you are assuming all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.

  • NCR will provide one sanitized game ball per court per match. Balls will be sanitized and rotated by the site director.

  • Masks shall be worn in by all participants, including officials, from the time you step out of your car until the time you return to your car with the exception of players who are playing on the court. Any issues should be referred to the site director.

  • Adhere to current CDC & MDH guidelines regarding face coverings. Officials must wear a properly fitted mask that covers their mouth and nose at all times and use a hand-held whistle. If a malfunction occurs with a hand-held whistle, a regular whistle may be used as long as it is completely covered underneath a mask to reduce the potential of droplets.

  • Social distancing measures will be posted, any issues should be referred to the site director.

Playing Locations

Faribault Armory Gym

3000 W Airport Rd, Faribault, MN
This is the Airport Frontage road. Be sure to turn right immediately at the fence line, you'll see the "Armed Forces Service Center" stone sign.


Rustad Rec Center, 601 26th Ave East, West Fargo, ND 58078

Hutchinson Rec Center

900 Harrington St SW, Hutchinson, MN 55350

Monticello HS Fieldhouse

5200 School Blvd, Monticello, MN

Stephen-Argyle Central Junior/Senior High

500 School Ave, Stephen, MN

Stephen-Argyle Central Elementary

3rd and Lincoln, Argyle, MN 56713


Officials' assignments are sent via email. Please confirm with a reply after reviewing your schedule.

ALL officials will need to fill out an independent contractor agreement with MVOA and submit a W-9 (if not already on file). See our Independent Contractors page for required paperwork and certification details.

Robyn is the primary assignor for the NCR Fall Friendly Players League, please contact her first for any questions/issues.

If your schedule changes while onsite, please contact Robyn with your updated match count by the next morning.

Be positive role models and stewards of the game for these teams. Be kind to site directors and participants and be patient facilitators since teams will mostly be player-run.