Bethel Summer League

General Information - Summer League for 2020 has been cancelled

All matches are played at Bethel University's Sports & Recreation Center (SRC), 1445 Arden Oaks Dr, Arden Hills

Please note, this is NOT the gym location where Bethel plays their regular season matches.

  • Officials' Responsibilities:
    • Arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to match time.
    • Teams will conduct their own informal warm-ups on their own and should be ready to play at match time.
    • Dress in a professional attire. White polo & dark pants (black or navy).
    • The teams or custodian are responsible to set-up and take down the nets.
    • You will be the R1 on the court (the only official for the court) & are responsible for your own whistle, net chain, coin, & scorecard.
    • R1s will keep score using a net-connected flip board.
  • Report Scores: Print out a scorecard (link below), fill out and leave with the attendant (Jaran) at the end of the night.
  • Rosters: Each player will receive a colored wristband/ankleband each night. Officials are asked to verify that all players on a particular team are wearing the same color band.
  • Rule Set: NCAA Women's Volleyball - but no limit on subs.
  • Payment will be $20 per match.
  • Subs: Can be obtained by calling or e-mailing Deb. Advanced notice is requested.
  • Regular Season Match Format: 2 sets per match. All sets are played as first team to 25 points.
  • Regular Season Time Limit: 45 minutes to complete each match
  • Bracket Format: Best 2 of 3, first team to 25, 25, 15.
  • Bracket Time Limit: 55 minutes. If time runs out, the team ahead at that point wins the set (win by 1). If the match is in the 2nd set and sets are split at that point, the winner of the match is decided by total points of sets 1 & 2. If total points is a tie, play one additional point in the 2nd set to determine the match winner.

League Information

League Rules

Scorecard - Officials need to print a copy to turn in at the end of the night

Team Schedules

Summer League Team Schedule

August 2 Bracket

Officials Schedule

The schedule is posted in a spreadsheet view. Each month has it's own view. To see a specific month's schedule, click the name of the month found in the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet.