Collegiate Summer League

General Information - Indoor Summer League for Men & Women starts June 12

All matches are played at MN Select Volleyball Center (MNS), Maple Grove

Summer League Dates - Matches 5-10PM

June 12, 19, 26

July 10, 17, 24

  • Officials' Responsibilities:

    • Be ready head to your court no later than 15 minutes prior to match time. Plan your actual arrival time accordingly.

    • Teams will conduct their own informal warm-ups on their own and should be ready to play at match time.

    • Dress in a professional attire. Volleyball Certified polo, navy pants, white shoes.

    • You will be the R1 on the court (the only official for the court) & are responsible for your own whistle, net chain, ball pump & coin.

    • R1s or a team sub will keep score using your mobile device that connects to the scoreboards. Use the QR codes next to the courts to connect or ask the site supervisor for assistance.

  • Report Scores: Captains have been asked to report scores after their matches to the site supervisor. It would be a good idea if you also recorded the scores in case there are issues. A scorecard template is linked below, feel free to print out a page and keep in your bag.

  • Rule Set: NCAA Women's Volleyball - but no limit on subs.

  • Payment: $30 per match. NOTE: for Metro Board Ratings matches, the R1/R2 will split the match fee. These matches will be highlighted in green in the grids that are emailed out.

  • Regular Season Match Format: Best 2 sets of 3, win by 2, no cap.

  • Regular Season Time Limit: 60 minutes match time limit. Use the scoreboard clock to time the match. Matches may accelerate. The clock for the next match should start no later than the top of the hour to keep all matches on time.

League Rules & Scorecards

Assignments & Required Paperwork

  1. A reminder, your application is NOT a guarantee of assignment.

  2. YOU are responsible for ensuring you have submitted all required paperwork listed in each of the 4 sections on our Independent Contractor page. Assignments and payments are contingent on the completion of these requirements.

  3. Officials that apply to work this event can check for acceptance of their application by reviewing the placeholder assignments in Arbiter.

  4. Actual court assignments will be indicated in the NOTE in Arbiter.

  5. If your schedule changes while onsite, please contact Robyn with your updated match count by the next morning.