Boys High School

MN Boys High School Volleyball Association

April 25 - June 16, 2022

Assignments for MN Boys HS will be managed using ArbiterSports.

Submit the Online application below and we will add/activate your account in Arbiter for you to accept assignments.


General Information:

  • Arrive no later than 20 minutes prior to match time.

  • Dress in professional attire. White polo (certified or plain), black pants/black shoes OR navy pants/white shoes.


  • The teams or building supervisors are responsible to set-up and take down the nets. Net height should be regulation men's of 7' 11 5/8"

  • You are responsible for your own whistle, coin, cards, net chain & ball gauge.

Confirmation of Assignments:

  • Accept/decline assignments via Arbiter as quickly as possible.

  • Although the teams and "sites" will be listed in Arbiter, you MUST verify the match details (location, time, venue, etc.) on the MN Boys HS Website. Matches will be listed in calendar format with links to the playing location as well as home/away teams.

  • DO NOT CONFIRM ASSIGNMENTS WITH THE SCHOOLS! 24 hours before your scheduled match time, forward your Arbiter reminder email (or new email with match details) to to confirm your assignment.

Match Format:

  • Twin Cities Area: Best 2 sets out of 3 JV match followed by a Varsity Best 3 sets out of 5 match

    • Match Fee: $93 for a JV/Varsity combo

    • Warm-ups:

      • JV: 10 minutes shared, 5 minutes visiting team, 5 minutes home team.

      • Varsity: 10 minutes shared, 5 minutes visiting team, 5 minutes home team.

  • Greater MN: Best 2 sets out of 3, Usually a double-header, and sometimes a triangular.

    • Match Fee: Single: $32, Double Header: $75, Triangular: $100

    • Warm-ups: All teams warm up before the first match 10 minutes shared, 5 minutes visiting team, 5 minutes home team. Warmup between matches is at the coaches' discretion.

  • JV2 Leagues:

  • Tournaments:

    • Best 2 sets out of 3: $32 per match

    • Mandatory 3 sets to 25: $43 per match

    • Best 3 sets out of 5: $50 per match

Rules Set - Rule Modifications:

  • MSHSL girls volleyball rules will be the basis for competitive play.

  • In an attempt to increase the number and length of rallies, create excitement, and improve overall technique long term, the MN Boys HS VB Association determined the following rules will apply to the 2022 Boys High School Season:

    • The ONLY “DOUBLE HIT” violation will be when a player attempts to play the ball in 2 separate attempts. THERE WILL BE NO BALL HANDLING, “DOUBLE” CONTACT CALLS. (This applies to ALL team contacts, even if 2nd or 3rd contacts are sent to the opponents' side. In short, think of the 1st team contact criteria and apply it to all 3 team hits!)

    • An "ILLEGAL HIT" will be called without leniency for ANY prolonged contact where the ball comes to rest before traveling in another direction. Essentially, any "caught" or "thrown" ball is a violation.

    • The R1 will be patient and explain calls in depth with no yellow cards for delays until May 4.

    • The R1 will be responsible to check line-ups and watch for "ILLEGAL ALIGNMENTS" (i.e. overlapping). The R1 will correct alignment situations without calling a violation until May 4.

Officiating Crew:

  • R1s will be assigned by MVOA.

  • A modified score sheet and libero/line-up/substitution tracking form will be used in place of an official scorebook.

  • Referees, coaches, parents, and players are EXPECTED TO BE PATIENT and assist with teaching the rules of volleyball. This may include coaches taking time to physically instruct on the court during the match.

Coin Toss:

  • Home team chooses bench. Teams will remain on the same side of the court for the full duration of the event. No switching sides.

  • One team representative from each team and the R1 will conduct a coin toss in a physically distanced manner. The visiting team will call the toss, the winner of the toss will have the choice of serve or receive.

End of Match Procedure: (please explain this to coaches and captains prior to the match)

  • After completing the match point signal sequence, immediately whistle again and signal both teams go to their end line.

  • The substitutes from the bench will come out to join them on the end line.

  • At the same time, get down from the ref stand and take your pre-match standing position as you would for team introductions.

  • Whistle and signal both teams to walk to the attack (10 foot) line, from the attack line, teams can wave and/or say nice job, good game, etc. If they elect to give handshakes they may, but we are not asked to encourage or discourage this action. It's totally up to the teams.

League Information

League Resources & Site Locations

League Guidelines

Host Site Requirements

Schools/Playing Site Locations/Game Day Contacts

2022 League Timeline

April 25 - First Date of Competition

June 8 - Last Date of Regular Season Competition

June 15-16 - State Tournament

2022 Team Schedules

2022 Team Schedule (on MN Boys HS website)

2022 JV2 League Schedules & Game Day Procedures

Wednesdays @ Spring Lake Park

Wednesdays @ Hmong Academy

Thursdays @ Shakopee

2022 Tournaments

Sunday, May 1 - Eastview High School

Saturday, May 7 - Lakeville South High School

Saturday, May 14 - St Paul Johnson High School

Saturday, June 4 - Park Center High School

Wed - Thurs, June 15-16 - MN Boys HS State Tournament