Independent Contractors

Requirements for Working Events for MVOA

VIDEO:  Introduction  to MVOA

This video is an introduction to Metro Volleyball to help officials navigate the sometimes complex world of volleyball officiating.  You can watch the entire video or skip to the section you'd like to learn more about:

0:00 Introduction & Lead Assignors for each Event
5:57 How to apply to various events

                8:55 Accepting Juniors assignments via ArbiterSports
                    14:21 Required Paperwork for Independent Contractors 


All assignments will be managed using  Be sure to keep your availability up to date using the calendar found on the  BLOCKS tab.  It is imperative that you keep your availability up to date throughout the season.

For those of you looking to work a limited or controlled schedule, the best way you can manage your schedule is by first blocking ALL the dates of the season (make them red) and then go back and CLEAR the block from dates that you want to work.

The screen shots shown below are examples of how to perform these 2 steps.

BLOCK SEASON: Click on picture to show it in full screen.

CLEAR DATES: Click on picture to show it in full screen.

Payroll Paperwork Requirements & Schedule

MVOA Payroll

STEP 2A - REQUIRED: Independent Contractor Agreement


STEP 2C - PREFERRED:  MVOA Direct Deposit (ACH)

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General Liability

Below are some common memberships that include general liability coverage.  You may also have personal coverage from a different source not listed here as this is only meant to be an example and is not an exhaustive list.  MVOA does not recommend any specific provider nor does MVOA provide liability coverage to independent contractors that we offer assignments for partner events.  As per the Independent Contractor Agreement, obtaining insurance coverage is the sole responsibility of the Independent Contractor in order to protect themselves and their assets should an incident occur.

Are you covered?

"Yes, I have general liability coverage because I am currently registered as an official with..."

"I'm not I covered for JVA sanctioned events if I registered with USA Volleyball?"

"I'm not I covered for JVA sanctioned events if I registered with AAU Volleyball?"

JUNIORS SEASON:  How Do I Complete These Requirements?

There are different options available to officials to complete requirements to work events that involve minors, however it is up to each Independent Contractor to decide which option best fits with their current and future goals.  Background screening and abuse prevention training are required law (S.534 - Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017).  Independent Contractors are responsible for completing and providing proof of completion to MVOA in order to accept assignments.  MVOA provides the information below as a general guide to assist our Independent Contractors in navigating their options, but this information is in no way an endorsement of a particular option nor an exhaustive list.  

STEP 4A - Background Screen

Required: Every two years


AAU - provides general liability insurance and a background screen via FADV for a $16 annual fee



JVA - conducts screening via NCSI for a $38 fee.


JVA Membership - Select Your Club:  "Officials, MILWAUKEE, WI"

Click to enlarge - Print Instructions for JVA NCSI Background Screen


USA Volleyball - conducts screening for a $14 fee every year (this is in addition to an annual $55 membership fee through your respective region through the USA Volleyball website).



MSHSL/NFHS - conducts screening with your $55 membership for ANY sport.


MSHSL Eligibility Dashboard - Completed Background Check

STEP 4B - SafeSport OR Abuse Prevention (APS) Certificate

Required:  Every two years


APS - this certification is unaffiliated.  It is INCLUDED in your JVA membership because they bundle it into their membership.  It is NOT INCLUDED in your AAU membership.  It is NOT NEEDED with an USA Volleyball membership because they have a different SafeSport Certification option.  

This option is recommended for those that only have an AAU membership or a MSHSL membership to fulfill the 2 year requirement for SafeSport Certification. 



JVA - provides APS Training in conjunction with their background screen registration (SEE STEP 4A OPTION 2).



USA Volleyball - provides SafeSport training modules as well as an extensive library of other official training modules as part of their annual membership through the USA Volleyball website.  


USA Volleyball - Sports Engine Membership Background Screen & SafeSport

STEP 4C - Concussion Management Training

Required:  Every three years

CDC Heads Up Online Training

NOTE:  MSHSL/NFHS - already provides this training in their eligibility requirements on the MSHSL Central Hub