General Information:  2024 Fall Leagues start in October


INCLEMENT WEATHER:  In the event of late weather changes, a decision will be made by 4:30 pm to cancel matches for that evening.  Cancellations will be listed the Crystal Recreation under Game Status

League Information


Crystal Community Center
4800 Douglas Dr N 

Forest Elementary
6800 47th Ave N, Crystal 

Team Schedules

Monday Men's League
Standard Schedule = 2 courts/4 matches

Tuesday Women's League
Standard Schedule = 3 courts/4 matches

Wednesday CoRec League
Standard Schedule = 5 courts/3-4 matches

Officials Assignments

Assignments will be managed in ArbiterSports under the SCHEDULE tab (see below for an example).  

Your assigned court number will appear in the Position column. 

To see the others assigned to courts that night, click the blue game number to open a new screen with your partners listed along with their contact information.

The address to your assigned location can be found by clicking the name of the location in the Site column.

The number of matches you're assigned can be found by viewing the Team Schedule above and finding your assigned court.  Be aware that some leagues play on multiple courts on a given night, so you may need to look at all team schedules to compile all the matches that will be played on your court.