General Information - 2021 Fall League Information TBD

  • Arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to match time.

  • Dress in a professional attire. White polo & dark pants (black or navy).

  • ***Each official will be paid one extra match fee per evening for setting up and taking down the nets***

  • You are responsible for your own whistle and coin.

  • Payment will be $26 per match, including forfeited matches not known prior to arrival. If you officiate one match in a night your pay will be $38.

  • Report Scores: Bring a notebook or Index card to record the scores of each set, including date, time and team names. Email Jeremy (jeremy.bailey@woodburymn.gov) the scores (either written out or by taking a picture of your notes) that night or by the following morning.

  • Subs: Can be obtained by calling or e-mailing Deb. Advanced notice is requested.

  • Match Format: 3 sets per match. All sets played to 25 points, win by 2 with a 27 point cap.

  • Time Limit: Matches are have a 55 minute time limit. If the third set is not completed, the score is where it stands unless you have not played to 15 points. Sets may not end in a tie. If a match finishes early, the following teams may start up to 5 minutes early.

  • Forfeit: Teams may play with 4 players (league play only).

    • 5 minutes after the scheduled start: Set 1 is forfeited.

    • 10 minutes after the scheduled start: Match is forfeited.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: If District 833 (South Washington County) is cancelled, evening activities are usually cancelled too. Call (651) 714-3569 after 4:30pm to verify whether games are cancelled due to weather.

League Information

League Rules & Forms

Woodbury Volleyball League Rules

Woodbury Officials' Supplemental ICA

Officials that work the Woodbury leagues need to submit this supplemental ICA to Robyn on an annual basis each January.


Woodbury High School Activities Center (WAC) - 2665 Woodlane Dr - Park in the North Parking lot and enter the athletic activities entrance on the NW side of the school.

Lake Middle School (LMS) - 3133 Pioneer Dr - Park on the south side of the building and enter through the Pool/Gym Activities Entrance . The gyms will be on the right. Nets are across the hall in the storage room (if locked, locate a custodian).

Team Schedules

Tuesday Women's League

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Friday CoRec Recreational League

Officials Schedule

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