General Information - 2022 Fall Leagues Start September 27


  • Arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to match time.

  • Dress in professional officiating attire. White polo & dark pants (black or navy).

  • The teams and gym attendants are responsible to set-up and take down the nets.

  • You are responsible for your own whistle, flipping coin and net chain/tape measure to check net height.

  • Payment will be $30 per match.
    When there is only a single match scheduled, your pay will be $40.

  • SCORE REPORTING: Scorecards will be given to the officials by the gym attendant when they check in at the start of the night. Completed scorecards can be given to the gym attendant at the end of the night. No other reporting of scores is required for the officials.

  • EQUIPMENT: There will be a single volleyball bag that service both courts. The bag should contain 6-8 volleyballs, 2 small clipboards, 6-8 pens, 2 net cranks, binder/folder with scorecards & schedules. Please ensure items are returned to the bag at the end of the night.

  • CUSTODIAN CONTACT INFO: If you need to contact the night time custodian to have them unlock doors, their contact numbers are listed here:

    • Woodbury HS: enter activity center entrance door 13 (to the right of the main school entrance). Call custodian (651-323-3559)

    • E-STEM MS: enter activity center entrance door 2 (to the left of the main school entrance). Call custodian (651-274-8216)

    • Lake MS: enter activities and pool entrance (to the right of the main school entrance). Call custodian (651-323-3557)

  • SUBS: May be requested by calling or e-mailing Deb. Advanced notice is appreciated.

  • MATCH FORMAT: 3 sets per match. All sets played to 25 points, win by 2 with a 27 point cap.

  • RULE MODIFICATIONS: No jump serves in any of the leagues.

  • TIME LIMIT: Matches are have a 55 minute time limit. If the third set is not completed, the score is where it stands. Sets may not end in a tie. If a match finishes early, the following teams may start up to 5 minutes early. It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep matches on time as matches must be done by 10:30PM. Matches MUST start on time: 6:45, 7:40, 8:35, 9:30PM. Officials keep time...end matches a few minutes before the next scheduled match start time to allow for teams to transition.

  • FORFEIT: Teams may play with 4 players (league play only).

    • 5 minutes after the scheduled start: Set 1 is forfeited.

    • 10 minutes after the scheduled start: Match is forfeited.

  • Officials accepting assignments should be flexible and understanding of changes due to unforeseen health & safety circumstances.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: If District 833 (South Washington County) is cancelled, evening activities are usually cancelled too. Call (651) 714-3569 after 4:30pm to verify whether games are cancelled due to weather.

Woodbury Activity Center

  • Woodbury High School Activities Center (WAC)
    2665 Woodlane Dr - Park in the North Parking lot and enter the athletic activities entrance (Door 13) on the NW side of the school.

  • COURT #s: WAC-4 is the farthest court from the Activity Center (AC) entrance. The storage room where the volleyball equipment opens to WAC-4.
    WAC-3 is the third farthest court from the entrance
    (see map)

E-STEM Middle School

  • E-STEM Middle School Gym (EMS)
    600 Weir Dr, Woodbury - Enter Door #2 which is to the left of the main entrance. The gym will be on the left.

  • Enter via Door 2 (to the left of the main school entrance).

Lake Middle School (LMS)

  • DIRECTIONS: 3133 Pioneer Dr, Woodbury - Park on the south side of the building and enter through the Pool/Gym Activities Entrance . The gyms will be on the right. Equipment will be in the storage room across the hall from Gym C.

  • COURT #s: LMS-A & LMS-B

League Rules & Forms

Woodbury Volleyball League Rules

Woodbury Officials' Supplemental ICA

Officials that work the Woodbury leagues need to submit this supplemental ICA to Robyn on an annual basis each January.

Woodbury requires that your signature is either a physical, electronic (date/time stamped) or wet signature on the Independent Contractor Insurance Supplemental Agreement. It cannot be typed in or use a script font.


Woodbury High School Activities Center (WAC)
2665 Woodlane Dr, Woodbury

E-STEM Middle School Gym (EMS)
2665 Woodlane Dr, Woodbury

Lake Middle School (LMS)
3133 Pioneer Dr, Woodbury

Officials Assignments

Assignments will be managed in ArbiterSports under the SCHEDULE tab (see below for an example).

Your assigned court number will appear in the Position column.

To see the others assigned to courts that night, click the blue game number to open a new screen with your partners listed along with their contact information.

The address to your assigned location can be found by clicking the name of the location in the Site column.

The number of matches you're assigned can be found by viewing the Team Schedule above and finding your assigned court. Be aware that some leagues play on multiple courts on a given night, so you will need to look at all team schedules to compile all the matches that will be played on your court.