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Girls High School

PLEASE VERIFY YOUR SCHEDULES IN ARBITER - Robyn sent an email to our AD list in Arbiter on 8/8 to verify the volleyball schedule listed in Arbiter. Please log into Arbiter, verify your schedule and reply back to Robyn with any questions, changes, or let us know you're "good to go" and we'll check you off the list.

TOURNAMENTS - Please submit your final tournament schedules to us at least 1 week prior to your tournament. We send out court assignments to officials via email on the Sunday prior to your weekend tournament.

PAYMENTS - MVOA will invoice you for your home matches and MVOA will then pay the officials. Please modify any of your confirmation email instructions to officials to remove any language for vouchers/W9 requests.

Schools/Athletic Directors Section

We thank you for your partnership and look forward to working with you for the 2021 Fall Girls Volleyball Season!

We will continue to use the Match Counts Grid in order to spread out matches during the week as we expect a continuation of lower numbers of officials for the Fall 2021 season and beyond.

2022 Fall Season Schedules

  • How should we format our conference schedule?

    • MVOA would like to continue working with Conference Coordinators to submit the conference schedules for priority entry.

    • We will again be asking conferences to build schedules as flexible as possible and include a mix of days of the week.

    • Use the 2021 Match Count sheet as a guide and plan on using non-Tuesday/Thursday combinations on similar weeks for the 2022 season.

  • What about non-conference matches and tournaments?

    • MVOA is happy to work directly with ADs to schedule non-conference matchups on days of the week that have available officials shown in the Match Counts Grid.

    • Hosted tournaments may also be submitted. Please include the date, times, # of courts, level & match format in your requests.

  • When should schedules be sent to MVOA?

    • MVOA sent requests to Conference Coordinators and ADs in May to submit their schedules by June 1. Conferences and schools that submitted their schedules will start seeing them entered into Arbiter starting June 15. We will notify you when we are ready to have you verify your schedule and anticipate that being around August 1.

    • Schools can check the status of their submitted schedule using the VB Schedule Checklist sheet.

  • Who do we send our match schedules to?

    • Please send match schedules to Brad & Robyn for entry into ArbiterSports

    • Brad will send a request to all ADs to review their entered schedule for accuracy and reply with a "Good to Go" prior to the start of the season. We're targeting August 1.

  • How do I check my schedule?

    • You may log into at any time and check the status of your matches.

    • If your school contacts have changed, please contact Brad to add a new contact. Please include:

      • School, Contact Name, Email, School Address, Job Title/Role

Billing & Payments to Officials

  • Who pays the officials that work our home matches?

    • MVOA pays the officials that are assigned to the matches listed on the schedule that you provide to us for the season. Schools no longer need to collect vouchers or W9s from volleyball officials that are assigned by MVOA as we take care of that paperwork through our payroll and tax filings.

    • Schools may choose from the following options for billing (your selected billing method from the previous year will be carried over unless you'd like to change):

      • OPTION 1: MVOA will send a single invoice at the start of the season for the home match schedule submitted for the 2020 volleyball season and schools shall pay that invoice in full on net 30 terms to allow MVOA to compensate the officials on our scheduled payroll dates. Any changes (match additions, cancellations, etc.) will be reconciled at the end of the season. This reduces the number of transactions required of your business office down to two (one at the start and one at the end of the season).

      • OPTION 2: School policies that require services to be completed prior to payment, may request bi-weekly invoices from MVOA. Prompt payments using this method are appreciated.

Arbiter Match Levels

If there are Notes on your match you'll see a clipboard icon (WITHOUT a green +) in the Notes column for that match which may answer any questions regarding match format/timing/number of officials.

We don't always enter a separate match for every level playing in the same evening. Instead, we "bundle" the combo matches since they will be assigned to the same officials.

Here are some examples of the Sport & Level bundles used in Arbiter:

  • B/JV/Varsity - 1 official for the B Match, 1 official for the JV Match, both officials will then do the Varsity Match. This entry in Arbiter will have a start time of the B/JV match. It is assumed that the Varsity match will follow 90 minutes later.

  • JV/Varsity - This format is 2 officials for both JV and Varsity who will swap R1/R2 positions between matches. Start time in Arbiter will be the JV match with the varsity match to follow 90 minutes later.

  • Freshman - This is typically an add-on early match prior to a B/JV/Varsity Combo. The number of matches at the early time is indicated by the number of slots/officials assigned. If there are 2 officials assigned to the add-on early match, then we are expecting 2 matches to be held at that early time slot.

  • C - We do not have a "C" level in Arbiter to use, so you will likely see "B" or "Sophomore" where you expected to see "C".

Sub-Varsity Matches

  • Will MVOA assign our 9th Grade schedule?

    • MSHSL Member Schools have the option to partner with HammerSports, LLC, a local lower level match assignor to assign these lower level matches and tournaments or schools may opt to assign those matches themselves.

    • The number of officials who are available for a 9th grade match start time is not high, so coverage of your B, JV, and Varsity matches will always be the priority for MVOA .

    • Matches with start times prior to 5:00PM limit the pool of available officials by 60%. We would appreciate if times for B/JV/Varsity matches be scheduled for after 5:00PM.