Midwest Fiesta

Midwest Fiesta Tournament Information

Sat, Apr 29 & Sun, Apr 30, 2023


Saturday & Sunday's FINAL/REDBOX Grids will be sent via email.   If you don't see it in your inbox Friday afternoon, send an email to Schedules@metrovolleyball.com.

Modified Scoresheet Instructions

Because of the 3 match wave format that is being used at the NorthStar President's Day Challenge, there will not be work teams assigned for any match.  We will again be using the simplified scoresheet developed by MVOA last year for this event.  Please watch the video for instructions on the usage of this sheet.  

Use the playing captains to bring scoresheets back/forth from their coaches so you do not need to go up/down the stand during the match.

NOTE:  at the bottom of the scoresheet there is a space to put the Court #, Match Time, and winning/losing teams.  FILL IN THESE BOXES AT THE START OF THE MATCH SO THAT THE SITE DIRECTOR CAN RECORD SCORES CORRECTLY.

Rules and Interpretations

Click this link to access the governing rules and guidelines for the rule set used at the Midwest Fiesta.  The "Abridged USAV Rulebook" is much easier to read than the unabridged version.  Please download a copy and have it with you on your phone/tablet during the event.

2023 Payment Schedule

Normal 2 out of 3 matches are $40

Mandatory 3 set matches are $54

You will be paid for the matches shown on the Red box final schedule, unless what you work is more than this schedule.

2023 Midwest Fiesta Playing Locations

Playing Locations & Court Abbreviations

Twin Cities

ACC - Andover Community Center - 15200 Hanson Blvd NW, Andover

BSM - Benilde-St Margaret's, 2501 Hwy 100 S, St Louis Park

CF - Crossfire - 8900 109th Ave N #700, Champlin

CH - Columbia Heights Hylander Center, 1400 49th Ave NE, Columbia Heights

COMO -  Como Park High School - 740 Rose Ave W, St Paul

EGL - Eagle Ridge Academy,  11111 Bren Road West, Minnetonka

EE - Edgerton Elementary - 1929 Edgerton St, Maplewood 

KO - Kokoro, 2290 1st St N, North St Paul 

LVS - Lakeville South High School - 21135 Jacquard Ave, Lakeville

M1 - M1, 1701 W 94th St #300, Bloomington

MCG - McGuire Middle School - 21220 Holyoke Ave, Lakeville

MNS - MN Select Volleyball Center, 8686 Valley Forge Ln N, Maple Grove

MPA - Mounds Park Academy, 2051 Larpenteur Ave E,  St Paul

NSP - St Paul North High School - 2416 11th Ave, North St Paul

OAK - Oakview Middle School - 15400 Hanson Blvd NW, Andover

SKU - St. Kate's University - Butler Center, 2004 Randolph Ave, St Paul

Assignments & Required Paperwork