National Volleyball Center (NVC) - 11 Courts
2601 Viola Rd NE, Rochester, MN 55906

Rochester Regional Sports Center (RRC) - 6 Courts
Rochester Community & Technical College
851 30th Ave SE, Rochester MN 55906



  • Best 2 sets of 3 matches are $35 per match. Mandatory 3 sets to 25 are $47 per match.

  • Officials traveling 60+ miles one way receive an additional $5/match to offset lodging costs.

  • If you do not work as scheduled (more or less matches!) please email/call Robyn immediately after the event so we can ensure payments are made correctly to all officials.

Arrival Time:

  • Ensure you are at your assigned location 30 minutes prior to your first match.

  • If you are arriving mid-wave, your court may be running ahead of schedule. Check on your court upon arrival.

Site Management:

  • Officials are expected to treat site managers with respect and politely consult with them if there is a court issue.

  • Keep your court on time by calling captains for the coin toss as soon as the previous match concludes and start warmups immediately.

  • Concessions may be available at the event venues.

  • SMV will have complimentary water, snacks, and sandwiches available in the officials room. Be sure to THANK THEM for their hospitality.

  • Officials will be allowed to bring in personal coolers/lunch boxes.

  • Facilities will have bottle fillers operable.

Rule Set & Modifications

  • USAV rules apply

  • Libero Jerseys: All will be acceptable with the only exception of an identical uniform to her teammates.

  • 6 Players: Teams not having six players when called to the end line at the beginning of a match will forfeit the first set. The team will forfeit the match if they do not have six players within ten minutes after forfeiting the first set.

  • Protests: Only rule interpretations can be protested, not judgment calls made by the officials. A protest must be filed at the time of the infraction and settled before the set continues. A protest will be resolved by a committee of the First Referee, Head Official, and the Site Director. The committee will vote to deny or uphold the protest. Their decision is final.

  • Libero: Teams may designate and change libero(s) EVERY set.

  • 12's Division Modification:

    • 12's Pool Play: All athletes are allowed to step into the court when serviing and will be encouraged to step back with each successful attempt.

    • 12's Bracket Play: GOLD Bracket - All athletes must serve from behine the normal endline. SILVER/BRONZE Brackets - Continue pool play modification.

Match Format:

  • Standard Match Format: best 2 sets out of 3. First 2 sets, play to 25, win by 2. Deciding set, play to 15, win by 2.

  • Mandatory 3 Sets to 25 Format: You'll see a (3) after your name in the grid. Play all 3 sets to 25, win by 2, no cap.

Coin Toss:

  • Assign 'heads' to one side and 'tails' to the other when performing the coin toss. The winner of the coin toss will choose serve, side or receive.

  • If a 3rd set is necessary, the a team representative(s) will meet with the R1 near the score table for a coin toss, the winner will choose serve or receive.

  • Teams will NOT switch sides during the match.


  • A 10 minute warm-up, using a 2-4-4 format will be used for ALL matches.

  • The first two minutes will be for ball handling, followed by 4 minutes on the court for the serving team and then 4 minutes for the receiving team.

Officiating Crew:

  • R1s will be assigned by MVOA.

  • Teams will provide the remaining crew members (R2, Line Judges, Score table staff).

  • The R2 may be a coach or a player. If a player, the team coach must assist the player R2 either from the scorer's table or by standing near the player ref.


Centerstone Plaza Hotel Soldiers Field

401 6th St SW, Rochester, MN 55902

Direct: 507-292-7337

A discounted rate of $55 (+tax) for either a single or double room can be reserved with Debbie. Please let her know if you would like a room for Friday and/or Saturday night(s) and she will make arrangements and will send you a confirmation #.


Selected officials will be offered assignments through ArbiterSports. You may check the status of assignment by reviewing your SCHEDULE tab in Arbiter.

Actual court assignments are sent via email usually the Tuesday prior to the event. Please confirm with a reply to that email indicating you are "Good to Go" after reviewing your schedule. Final schedules are sent via email the Friday before the event.

Debbie is the primary assignor for Rochester events, please contact her first for any questions/issues.

If your schedule changes while onsite, please contact Robyn with your updated match count by the next morning.