Uniforms & Equipment

General Uniform Guidelines for Metro Volleyball Assigned Events

Rule #1: Look (and be) Professional.

Rule #2: See Rule #1.

Rule #3: Being in uniform is an expectation of the officials we assign. You're representing yourself AND Metro Volleyball when you step onto the court and only have one chance to make a first impression. Make it a good one!

Juniors Events Uniforms

Preferred Uniform Shirt is the Certified Volleyball Official polos (either in blue, grey or white shown in the pictures to the left)

    • MN Boys HS - For MN Boys High School, matches, please wear the certified white polos only (not the blue or gray polo)

    • You can order the preferred polos at: http://vbofficialsgear.com

      • NOTE: This is the only vendor that sells the preferred/certified polos and their stock/availability fluctuates. Get your order in early to ensure you have what you need to start the season.

Acceptable Alternatives:


    • Gray MSHSL-logo polo (these are for MSHSL girls volleyball matches only)

    • Other club/tournament affiliated polos

    • Anything with zebra stripes


  • Please only wear USAV and PAVO patches at USA Volleyball and NCAA sanctioned events.

Uniform Pants

Preferred Uniform Pants are Navy dress slacks

Acceptable Alternatives:

    • Black dress slacks

    • Black golf pants


    • Yoga pants

    • Capri pants

    • Sweatpants

    • Wind pants

    • Khaki's


Preferred Shoes are Plain white shoes w/ little or no accents

Acceptable Alternatives:

    • Plain black shoes w/ little or no accents


    • Obviously dirty/worn tennis shoes

    • Shoes with lots of bright colors

MSHSL Girls High School Volleyball Uniform

REQUIRED MSHSL = Gray MSHSL Volleyball Official Polo (long or short sleeve, you don't have to match your partner)
NO LONGER ALLOWED = PLAIN white polo shirt

    • This Gray MSHSL shirt is ONLY to be worn for the fall MSHSL Girls High School Volleyball season events

    • You can purchase the polo from:
      General Sports Braemar
      7505 Ikola Way #203, Edina, MN 55439
      Or Contact Shawn Vallek at 612-925-4010, svellek@generalsports.us

    • Black Dress Slacks, Black Belt, Black Socks, Black Shoes

Equipment Vendors

Here are some links to vendors that have volleyball related officating equipment for your reference.

Midwest Volleyball Warehouse

General Sports - Braemar

Fox40 Direct