Girls High School

Girls High School
2021 Season - Information Updated When Received


  • What certification(s) do I need in order to work Girls High School Volleyball?

    • Officials need to be registered and in good standing with the MSHSL.

  • How do I register with MSHSL?

  • How do I know if I completed all MSHSL Eligibility requirements?

    • Watch the MSHSL Registration Video using the button below for more information on how to complete those requirements. Start around the 5 min mark to see the example.

    • If you watched a video and it hasn't updated after a day, forward the certificate that you received via email when you completed the module to and have them update your status.

  • How much does it cost to join the Metro Volleyball Officials Association?

    • $0. MVOA does not collect dues from officials. Officials are Independent Contractors that apply to be hired and work events that are assigned by MVOA.

    • The MSHSL Fee Schedule is posted on ArbiterSports.

      • Log into Arbiter Sports

      • Select the "Official" link under Metro Volleyball Officials Association from the drop-down in the top right

      • Click the MAIN tab

      • The pay scale is listed in the Announcements

  • What uniform do I need?

    • The MSHSL Logo Gray Shirt will be required starting in the 2021 season.

    • You can purchase one locally at General Sports Braemar, 7505 Ikola Way #203, Edina, MN 55439 Or Contact Shawn Vallek at 612-925-4010,

  • Do I need to get a hand or electronic whistle?

    • Details for the 2021 season will be released after May 2021. Information below is from the 2020 season:

    • Hand whistles are preferred, but regular whistles that are able to be completely covered underneath a mask are an acceptable alternative according to the guidelines released by the MSHSL.

    • Links to known retailers can be found on our Uniforms & Equipment page.

    • Midwest Volleyball Warehouse in Burnsville and General Sports in Braemar are your best choices for a local retailer option. We advise that you call ahead for store hours and availability.

  • What do I need to do in Arbiter to show my availability?

    • Log into ArbiterSports ASAP and mark your availability for matches for the entire months of October, November and December under BLOCKS > Dates.

      • Add Partial Day blocks to ALL DAYS if you are unable to work matches that start earlier than the standard 5:30PM start time.

    • Update your BLOCKS > Travel Limits for every day of the week.

    • Update your BLOCKS > Teams if there are teams or sites you would like to remove yourself from consideration for assignment.

    • Ensure your SETTINGS > Profile information is accurate, as this will be used for sending your paychecks.

  • How will I be paid?

    • All payments will be sent to you from Metro Volleyball Officials Association according to the payment terms on the Independent Contractor Agreement.

    • You will NOT need to fill in vouchers at the school or provide them with a W-9 when you are working a match assigned by MVOA. If you are asked by a school to fill in a payment voucher, please let Robyn know ASAP.

    • Log into ArbiterSports and ensure your Profile information (including your address) is up to date as that is the address that will be used to send payment.

    • All officials working MSHSL matches through MVOA must fill out the MVOA Indepdendent Contractor Agreement (if you haven't already) and have a W-9 on file with MVOA prior to your first match. The ICA covers you for all MVOA assigned matches between Sept 1 - Aug 31 each year.

    • If you would like to be paid via Venmo, please fill out our Venmo Payment form.

  • I haven't taken the MSHSL Test yet, when can I do that?

    • The Printable version of the exam is posted on the MSHSL Central Hub under Printable Exams

    • You can take the exam by going to the MSHSL Central Hub > click the Eligibility Tab > Click one of the volleyball icons in the middle section (i.e. State, Section, Regular, Student, Reciprocity) > Click "Take Test" in the top section.

    • TBD is the deadline to complete the exam.

  • I registered with MSHSL and watched the General Meeting, but I haven't watched the Volleyball Online Clinic, how do I do that?

    • The volleyball-specific online meeting is live on the Arbiter MSHSL Central Hub under the Eligibility tab. TBD is the deadline to complete the online meetings.

  • I need to attend a 3 year "in-person" training clinic for MSHSL, is there one scheduled before the season?

    • YES there is! There will be a "Sign up" button on your Eligibility tab for the pre-season clinics scheduled. Look for an email from MSHSL with updates.

  • What can I do to prepare for the restarted season?

    • The Arbiter MSHSL Central Hub has a Volleyball resource page with links to rules changes, and a recording of the August 2020 Zoom Clinic. Take advantage of those resources to prepare yourself for the fall season.


We thank you for your partnership this season and look forward to working with you for the 2021 Fall Volleyball Season.

We will continue to use the Match Counts grid method in order to spread out the matches during the week as we expect there to continue to be lower numbers of officials next season.

2021 Fall Season Planning

  • How should we format our conference schedule?

    • MVOA would like to continue working with each Conference Coordinator to submit their conference schedule so that we could get a needed mix of days during the week.

    • We will again be asking all conferences to build schedules as flexible as possible and include a mix of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays, leaving tournaments for Friday and Saturdays.

  • What about non-conference matches?

    • MVOA is happy to work direction with ADs then to schedule non-conference matchups on days of the week that have availability left after all the conference schedules are entered.

  • Who do we send our match schedules to?

    • Please send match schedules to Brad & Robyn for entry into ArbiterSports

    • Brad will send a request to all ADs to review their entered schedule for accuracy and reply with a "Good to Go" prior to the start of the season.

School FAQs

  • How do I check my schedule?

    • You may log into at any time and check the status of your matches.

    • If your school contacts have changed, please contact Brad to add a new contact. Please include:

      • Name, Email, Job Title/Role

  • Who pays the officials that work our home matches?

    • MVOA pays the officials that are assigned to the matches listed on the schedule that you provide to us for the season. Schools no longer need to collect vouchers or W9s from volleyball officials that are assigned by MVOA as we take care of that paperwork through our payroll and tax filings.

    • Schools may choose from the following options for billing (your selected billing method from the previous year will be carried over unless you'd like to change):

      • OPTION 1: MVOA will send a single invoice at the start of the season for the home match schedule submitted for the 2020 volleyball season and schools may pay that invoice in full right away to allow MVOA to compensate the officials on our scheduled payroll dates. Any changes (match additions, cancellations, etc.) will be reconciled at the end of the season. This reduces the number of transactions required of your business office down to two (one at the start and one at the end of the season).

      • OPTION 2: School policies that require services to be completed prior to payment, may request weekly invoices from MVOA. Prompt payments using this method are noticed and appreciated.

  • Will MVOA assign our 9th Grade schedule?

    • MSHSL Member Schools have the option to partner with HammerSports, LLC, a local lower level match assignor to assign these lower level matches or schools may opt to assign those matches themselves.

    • The number of officials who are available for a 9th grade match start time is not high, so coverage of your B, JV, and Varsity matches will continue to be the priority for MVOA .

Match Level Formats


  • B/JV/Varsity - 1 official for the B Match, 1 official for the JV Match, both of you will then do the Varsity Match

  • JV/Varsity - Typically this format is 2 officials for both JV and Varsity. Swap R1/R2 positions.

  • Freshman - Depending on the # of slots listed, 1 add-on early match prior to your B/JV/Varsity Combo