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General Information - 2021 Fall League Information TBD

  • Arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to match time.

  • Dress in a professional attire. White polo & dark pants (black or navy).

  • The teams or custodian are responsible to set-up and take down the nets.

  • You are responsible for your own whistle and coin.

  • Payment will be $25 per match, including forfeited matches not known prior to arrival. If you officiate one match in a night your pay will be $36.

  • Report Scores: Record sets won by each team in the match. (Example: Team A: 2; Team B: 1) Detailed set scores are not needed. Scores can be left with the league supervisor after the last match or send via email to Joe Miatech that night if possible.

  • Subs: Can be obtained by calling or e-mailing Deb. Advanced notice is requested.

  • Match Format: 3 sets per match. All sets played to 25 points, win by 2 with a 27 point cap.

  • Time Limit: Matches are scheduled for 55 minutes in duration. If the set is not finished by 55 minutes past the scheduled start, the ref will announce last point. If one of the teams has at least 13 points, the set counts, if neither team has 13 points on the last serve, the set doesn't count.

  • Hats: The league has decided to allow players to wear hats with the brim facing backwards.

League Information


Hopkins North Junior High, 10700 Cedar Lake Rd, Minnetonka

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